Alexander Danner is co-creator of the audio drama Greater Boston, and sound designer for the audio dramas What's the Frequency? and Radio Free Mushroom America. He has contributed as a guest writer and/or sound designer to arsParadoxica, Our Fair City, and StarTripper!!
He voices The Narrator on Greater Boston and Krog on What's the Frequency?, among other roles.
Alexander teaches Writing Audio Drama and other courses at The New Hampshire Institute for Art. He also writes and publishes short fiction; Jenny is Killing Turtles Again is adapted from Alexander's short story by the same title, first published in Fantasy Scroll Magazine.
He has co-authored two textbooks on the craft and history of comics and graphic novels, and is Program Director at The Writers' Room of Boston, a non-profit organization providing secure, affordable writing space to Boston-area writers.

Alma Roda-Gil is a freelance writer and a full-time goth.
She enjoys all things trash TV and noise-cancelling headphones. She can be found working and voice acting on The 12:37.


Amy Giacomucci is a writer, podcaster, former linguist, and Philadelphian based in Chicago, Illinois. You can hear her talk on Tortall Recall and More Research Required, and you can hear her writing on The Godshead Incidental (currently in production).

Eli Barraza is a Los Angeles based creator. Her work in podcasting includes The Far Meridian, ars PARADOXICA, The Bright Sessions, Our Fair City, Greater Boston, and more. When she's not obsessively writing in whatever medium fits her stories, she climbs rocks, goes exploring, and teaches astronomy at the Griffith Observatory.


Em Mantoani is a writer and future social worker with a love of the universe as a whole but also the universe as many small things put together, like ginger tea and 80’s horror movies and daffodils. They have an interest in telling stories about ghosts, siblings, and growing up, which is coincidentally the exact type of story they get to tell for Insula. Amazing.

Jordan Cobb is a New York based actress, writer, and an avid storyteller. She created and performs in the high seas adventure audio drama Here Be Dragons (as Harper Bennett & Dr. Atlas), and the science fiction horror series Janus Descending (as Chel). She has been featured on over a dozen audio dramas, and when she isn't comfortably settled behind the mic, she's buried up to her ears in paper and ink, dreaming up new worlds of the wild, weird,  and wonderful. 

You can keep up to date on her latest projects by finding her on Twitter, on Patreon, or visiting her website at jordanvcobb.com.


Miri Josephs is a Seattle-based writer and podcaster with a deep love of fantasy, science fiction, and the overlap between them. They're thrilled to get to work on Insula!
In addition to their work on the audio drama "Mina's Story", they recently wrote "Divine Intervention", a novel based on a Dungeons & Dragons campaign that's being uploaded chapter-by-chapter at http://divintnovel.tumblr.com.
Find them on Twitter @mirijosephs!

Noa Heinrich is a coding instructor, creative writer, and podcaster. Born in Chicago, raised in Michigan, she got bit by the writing bug early. For as long as she could remember, she loved stories of transformation and self-discovery in fantastic locales, and longed to make some of her own. Now, she does so across a variety of media. She currently lives in Chicago, where she is a producer and player on Tabletop Potluck, an actual play podcast dedicated to promoting diversity in roleplaying games.


Ray Goldberg (she/her or they/them) is a Chicago-born-and-raised freelance producer and writer, currently pursuing her MFA in Writing for the Screen and Stage at Northwestern University. She is a staff writer for the award-winning podcast PleasureTown and a content producer and editor for the gaming podcast Tabletop Potluck.

Renee Sima is a relatively recent college grad who's been spending most of her time flailing around trying to find odd jobs that can make use of her English degree. Her weaknesses are fancy cocktails, fluffy dogs of all sizes, and pretentious modernist garbage.


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