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Check out our
Season One writers! 


Insula will be coming soon to all your favorite podcatchers.

(Coming Fall 2019)

(Coming Fall 2019)

(Coming Fall 2019)



in which writers each write a self-contained episode inspired by the same prompt. 

Stories can be any genre, in any setting, from any point of view-- the only rule is to tie back to the prompt someway, somehow.


Insula (n.) [in-soo-luh]:

 A community-focused audio drama anthology

The name Insula comes from the fifth, often overlooked, lobe of the brain, that processes a large variety of functions-- in particular, emotional memory and self-awareness. We’re hoping that by putting together an anthology that both is diverse and contains a central, connecting thread, we will be able to evoke that same emotional awareness in the context of appreciating the entire audio drama community for what it is.

Season One Prompt: 

“A ghost hunter devotes their life to pursuing the spirits of the dead, only to become one themself.”





As a community-focused project, we're committed to sourcing artists from a diverse range of backgrounds. That's why every season we hold open pitching.


We are currently closed for pitches for our 2019 season.

Check back later for more opportunities to get involved!


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